Consultant: Patty Campbell

Knowing how to navigate through life is the challenge that most of us have learned at some point in our childhood and adulthood.

Some of us are more adept than others in our social skills. No matter where you are in your journey of life, I am Patty Campbell and I can help coach you and help you discover who you are, whom you are created to be and do, and reach your maximum potential. Feel free to call me for business as well as personal coaching. I am available via my calendar appointments, and it is my desire and goal to help you live life abundantly.

I have many years of experience in working with all ages to help them gain self-esteem and realize themselves to their fullest potential.

I will take you through an 8-week course of self-discovery and awareness, as well as any goals you have in mind to achieve. I am not a licensed therapist, but I have always enjoyed coaching friends throughout my life so far.

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