Real Estate

Consultant: Patty Campbell

Having invested in real estate since 1998, I am a seasoned investor who has experienced success and failure.

I suffered when the economy busted in 2009. I struggled for over 10 years to overcome bankruptcy and I struggled with depression as I tried over and over to succeed in businesses that kept failing. I was stripped of my self esteem and dignity as I failed yet another year. However, I never gave up, and with each time I rise again, I got stronger and gained even more lessons and knowledge. Now that it’s 2022, I know that breakthrough has happened for me and I will no longer be battling uphill with steep learning curves. I have now reached the peak and I’m about to ride smoothly downhill with all that I’ve learned.

If you trust me and invest with me, I can show you things you never knew before.

I can guide you through and navigate you through the property, and teach you how to get back up and how to keep going without discouragement. I will be your biggest cheerleader in life and I will walk with you through the fire and into glory. I will give you hands-on advice from my own experience, not just textbook knowledge. I am here to serve you with whatever real estate portfolio you want to create. I will be happy to serve you on the realtor side, as well as the investor side.

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