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We provide the best consultants in various fields. Need an expert advice? Call or mail them today using the buttons below.

Coaching Consultancy: Need guidance for life?

Discover who you are, whom you are created to be and do, and reach your maximum potential with the help of Patty. She will be your coaching consultant & will take you through an 8-week course of self-discovery and awareness, as well as any goals you have in mind to achieve. Book a meeting with Patty here.

Health Consultancy: Want to build good health?

Get education and counseling on your health goals & achieve them with the help of Karlie. She will be your health & fitness consultant and guide you in building good health and living a better life. Get in touch with her today:

Finance Consultancy: Need to manage money?

Achieve financial security and financial freedom! Learn how to balance a checkbook, tithe, save, and most of all handle money in your life. Patty will help you create your budgets, set a goal, and accomplish them. She will be your finance consultant & help you create wealth tax-free so that when you retire, you will have a healthy nest egg to retire on. Book a meeting with Patty here.

BCTS: Have any paint inspection needs?

Get the best paint inspection service, offered by Billy. His reputation is well known in the paint and construction, engineering industry. He has become one of the top inspectors in the Bay Area and California. He will be your paint inspector. Contact him if you have any inspection needs:

Real Estate: Need to find the most suitable property?

Get guided and navigated through properties. Patty will be happy to serve you on the realtor side, as well as the investor side. She will serve you with whatever real estate portfolio you want to create & help you make your real estate dreams come true. Book a meeting with her here.